July 12, 2020

How to keep your refrigerator healthy

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Refrigerator is the place where we keep all our food and other edibles. One of the most common ways to get sick and unhealthy is by consuming unhealthy food. Keeping the place healthy where we keep our food is as important as eating fresh and healthy food.

Sathiclap, is a repairing and maintenance centre based in Patna and Muzaffarpur, here we have curate some tips to keep your refrigerator healthy.

Regular cleaning

Just like any other device, refrigerators also require regular cleaning. Cleaning is necessary for normal functioning and long lasting of the refrigerator. It is advised to clean your refrigerators at a regular interval. Usually, cleaning your refrigerator once a week is suggested.

There are certain guidelines that one must follow while cleaning a refrigerator.

  • Remove the food and other products kept inside the fridge, before cleaning.
  • Take out the shelves and other attachable parts and wash them properly with a dish wash.
  • Use warm water to clean the refrigerator.
  • Avoid using disinfectant

Timely maintenance

Any electronic device demands timely maintenance for proper functioning. Getting your refrigerator checked every six months is necessary. You can contact the maintenance shop near you.

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Maintaining Temperature

Temperature of a refrigerator can be regulated and it is important to check the temperature and set it accordingly. The temperature of the fridge and freezer sections should be maintained at different degrees. The freezer section should have an optimum temperature of 0° Celsius and that of the refrigerator should be around 2° – 4° Celsius.

Avoid overcrowding

Refrigerators are for storing food, vegetables, fruits and other edibles fresh. But overcrowding your fridge can reduce the cooling efficiency. Overcrowding also leads to bad smell and the quality of the food is degraded quicker.

Cool them before you store them

Do not put hot food in your refrigerator. Keep them outside for a while, once the food has cooled down then you can place it in your refrigerator. Keeping hot food can damage the food quality and also increase the temperature of the refrigerator.

Remember to defrost

The freezer section gets frozen up and filled with ice. When this happens, the cooling efficiency of the refrigerator is slowed down. Empty the contents of the fridge and defrost the ice.

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