March 30, 2021

Is Your AC Ready To Fight The Summers?

By admin

Which are the two things that come to your mind when you think of summers? Most of us would say – Mangoes and Air-Conditioners. While we hope you get to eat mangoes in abundance, there is a thing or two about ACs that we’d like to share with you. The rising mercury level makes it imperative to keep your AC fit and fine. After all, it would be a nightmare to come home and realize your AC isn’t functioning. Here are a few tips and tricks on air conditioner maintenance to ensure your machine operates at its maximum efficiency.

1) Outside Unit Shouldn’t be Out in the Sun

Your AC will surely work faster and better if the unit is placed in the shade, preferably with plants around. Moreover, it helps you bring down your electricity expense by 10%.

2) Focus on the Filters

If the air filters are clogged, your AC wouldn’t be able to offer the expected cooling. Consider opting for an air conditioner repair service(or replace it, if needed) once every three months to ensure its long-term health.

3) Set Your Thermostat at the Optimum Temperature

It’s a myth that setting a lower temperature than what is desired will make the room cool faster. Always set your machine at the optimum temperature of 24 degrees.

4) Prevention is better than cure

Call a team of  professionals to give your unit a thorough service. It’s way more economical to get an air conditioner servicing now than getting it repaired tomorrow.

5) Watch out for the Signs

If your AC is making any kind of rattling or unusual sounds, it could be a sign of some major problem. Call SathiClap for AC repair to fix the issue.

Just like any other electronic device, your AC needs time-to-time attention. We hope these tips will help you turn up the cool this summer! Want to opt for air conditioner repair? Click the button below.