March 31, 2021

Why Should You prefer SathiClap For Your AC Repair?

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The rising mercury level makes it imperative to keep your AC fit and fine. The normal life expectancy of an air conditioner is around 15 years. However, for a wide range of reasons, many forced air conditioner cease to exist sooner than that.  Getting a AC  repaired may seem like a hectic job. But, not anymore! SathiClap makes it all easy for you! You can get your job done quickly at your doorstep with the help of SathiClap. You can hire an experienced, trained and verified professional in just one click.

About SathiClap

SathiClap, an online marketplace for services, is the fastest growing startup from Bihar. It helps customers to hire trusted professional for services on the internet. It serve in 50+ variety of services among 3 cities from Bihar i.e Patna , Muzaffarpur , Darbhanga. With young and dynamic staffs, SathiClap specializes in providing superior quality service by catering to the every need of its customer at their doorstep. AC Repair , Home Appliance Repair, electronic repairs, home cleaning, wedding photography, Tax Expert , Tax Planner, fitness or be it any local service, SathiClap is most affordable, convenient and reliable service expert in Bihar. SathiClap renders repair services for almost every brand!

SathiClap For AC Repair Service

When it comes to AC repair, SathiClap is the smartest way to find the best technician or professional. Samsung, LG, Voltas, Hitachi, Daikin, Haier, Whirlpool etc are some of the brands that are serviced by SathiClap with verified professionals.  It’s quite simple to book a trained professional or place a service request on SathiClap portal. 

All you need to visit , click on AC Service. Once click on AC service a popup will display. You need to provide basic information like Brand Name , Problem in AC and convenient date time of visit. Once your request are placed on our portal , A trained professional will assigned for the job. A trained professional will be at your doorstep on selected time slot.

6 amazing features of SathiClap services for AC repair

  1. Nominal Service Charges: Once we received request, expert technician will visit your place for inspection of AC. After inspection, he will suggest you repair options along with quotations for each repair option. You can decide whether to go ahead with the repair or not. You need to pay the minimal service charge for inspection if you choose not to go with the repair option. Sometimes there will be offers on certain time period for nil service charges.
  2. Service guarantee : Unlike any other service provider, SathiClap provide service guarantee. Guarantee of service is given for 30 days. In case you are not satisfied with the service quality or the repair work, you get to avail services again within 30 days guarantee period.
  3. Professional Experts : SathiClap has 200+ plus professionals. License and certifications of all the professionals verified before they are listed on SathiClap. While hiring a professional, you have an option to chat with them. You can also check customer review to know the service quality feedback. Sathiclap very well understands that trust takes years to build. That’s why they stand for the highest standards of professionals and skilled experts. With stringent background verification and extensive training, SathiClap assures to give you expertise services.
  4. Customer centric :Customer feedbacks are taken very seriously by SathiClap. The main motive of sathiclap is to provide the service that can exclusively suitable for every customers requirement. Professionals also provide job card once the work is done summarizing the repair work.
  5. Option to Choose Professional: Once Professional is assigned for the job. SathiClap share the profile of the professional to customer. Customer can view all previous ratings and work score of professional . Customer have option to change and choose other professional as per their choice.

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To conclude, SathiClap has surely emerged as the best service provider in very short span with extremely customer centric and safe service. Cost effectiveness, quick and quality service, professional expertise, customer protection and many other unique and efficient features makes SathiClap an ideal choice to approach for AC repair!